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About City Girl Naturals

Welcome to my City Girl Naturals. If you are interested in finding top quality, good-for-you skin care, you have come to the right place. CGN features Pure & Simple Natural and Herbal body and skin care products for the entire family.

I have researched and studied natural skin care for years and I am currently studying natural medicine and nutrition. I starting researching natural products years ago when learning to deal with my own problematic skin. I discovered that many of the ingredients in cosmetics and body care products are by-products of other things that are not necessarily good for your skin. I also learned that many ingredients were actually produced just in the last century as a way to produce things cheaper, but not necessarily better; and that the words "organic" and "natural" were used rather dubiously to describe cosmetic products.

The term organic is often used to mean "natural" because of it's association with living things, but the term also applies to anything that has ever been alive. Gasoline, plastics, synthetic fabrics, pesticides, and fertilizers are all organic substances, but you wouldn't want any of these things in products that you put on your face and body. If you want to learn more about what's in the cosmetics you currently use, check out the websites of The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board (CIR) and The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA). You'd be surprised at what you might find out. The CIR and CTFA are unbiased and extremely reputable organizations. You can also do a search on the internet for ingredients listed in your cosmetics or visit the FDA website to get a bigger picture of what you are putting on your skin. For instance, did you know that paraffin, a common cosmetic ingredient is actually derived from kerosene?

At any rate, I studied natural skin care and started making my own body care products right in my own kitchen, knowing that I can control what's in them. After all, people in times long ago used many of the things found in nature for their beauty care needs, why shouldn't we today?

When my daughters came along. I extended my research to deal with their skin. They have very sensitive, dry, itchy skin that is prone to rashes. They were diagnosed as babies with moderate and severe eczema. They additionally were diagnosed later with multiple food and environmental allergies that contribute to their skin condition. I discovered that just as things that go into your body - by ingesting or other means - can cause allergic reactions, so can the things that go ON your body. Everything that you put on your skin and hair is absorbed into your system. Think about that for a moment. If you watch what you put IN your body, why not watch what you put ON your body

I've developed numerous skin emulsion combinations (lotions and balms) and pure simple soaps, made the old-fashioned way, suitable for many skin types, including those with allergies, that utilize active botanical and natural ingredients. Client favorites include Old Fashioned Goatsmilk Soap and Rustic Italian Castile Soap made from pure olive oil. I also create liquid soaps and other body care products.

If you have allergies, please contact me first before ordering to make sure a product is suitable for you. Most are free from common allergens, but one of my popular blends uses sweet almond oil, which is a nut oil and not suitable for some with nut allergies. Others also may have sensitivity to coconut or castor oil which is used in many of my soap blends. When in doubt, do a patch test first.

Last, be reminded that products using natural ingredients have a limted shelf life. I do not use preservatives in my products unless I have to and then I try to use natural preservatives like vitamin e and grapefruit seed. Just like food in your refrigerator, it does eventually go bad. But once it does, it's beneficial life is over anyway, so there is no sense in extending it with chemicals. Most products will last a year or so. But please note your expiration dates upon using the products.

Please also contact me if you have product questions, would like a free skincare consultation or more information on natural products.

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