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Facial Care

Everything you need for daily face care.


Foaming Face Cleanser: Contrary to popular belief, a product does not have to lather to clean. But for those who prefer a soap based cleaner, this is the only way to go. This unique cleanser combines the gentleness of an olive oil cleanser, with skin nourishing oils and plant extracts for a clean that you face will love. Use our complexion brush with this cleanser for added benefits and exfoliation without the use of chemicals or harsh abrasives. 4 oz. This product is only available in small quantities as it has a very limited shelf life. However a little goes a very long way and a a 4 ounce bottle can last up to two months or more.

Price: $8.95


Oatmeal Smoother: This unique oatmeal based powder cleans and smoothes the face.* Noticable benefits when used once a week. Mild enough to also be used every day. 4 oz. This product is only available in small quantities as it has a very limited shelf life. Has enough for about 8-10 treatments
Price: $8.95


Toning & Moisturizing

Hydrating Toner: A nice little toner and light moisturizer all in one. A great finish to facial cleaning or follow up after a mask treatment. Suitable for all skin types. Just dab on and let it dry. 4 oz.

Price: $8.95


Rose Hip Cold Cream: A most versatile and exceptional item. I have been making this product for years and it never fails. Can be used as a cold cream for cleaning or as a deep moisturizer after cleaning. This item is very potent and a little goes a long way. It has no preservative for maximum benefit. So a very, very limited shelf life. But well worth it. Features several nourishing oils including rose hip, jojoba and sweet almond.

Due to limitations and restrictions,
please contact me to order this item.

Lip Care

Honey Vanilla Lip Balm: A natural lip treatment with pure honey that's yummy to boot. 10ml pot.
Price: $2.95


Sparkle Cream Lip Gloss: Tired of the same old clear lip balm, try this one. It has an iridescent shine from tiny glitter specs that makes your lips sparkle, while nourishing too. Tube. Want a little color? Try this tip: Line and fill lips with your favorite lip pencil then top with Sparkle Cream. Amazing. This item is not available in the summer as a balm tube due to heat conditions. In summer it ships as a liquid lip gloss.

Price: $2.95


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