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To City Girl Naturals. My name is Michaela. I'm a city girl with a country heart. I started making soap a long time ago after discovering that my skin could not handle most commercial brand soaps. After much research I decided to make my own. Then I started giving them away as gifts to family and friends and the rest is history. Since then I've added other body care staples to my repertoire and it just keeps growing as I find something that I like that works.

You may have used some of my products under a different name. They have had many incarnations. I was ahead of the game 10 years ago with soaps on the internet, then decided to focus on something else. I have now come full circle and here I am again.

I hesitate to call my soap old-fashioned, but that's what they are. In today's terms they would be called artisan, cottage or rustic. All of my soaps are hand-made the old fashioned way in small batches. The kind grandma used to make (without the burning).

There are a lot of soapers and natural body care companies on the internet these days. But what makes CGN different? What sets one apart from the others? It's the ingedients and the quality of those ingredients. Natural soap in it's truest sense is an art. A soap will generally reflect it's creator. All of my soaps and body care items are made from 100% high-quality vegetable oils and premium quality botanicals and cosmetic additions. No lard, tallow, animal fats or shortening. I also generally do not use synthetic dyes in my soaps unless I have a special request for colored soaps. The colors come from the ingredients used in them. I additionally have items that are both scented and unscented so they are also great for people with sensitive skin.

While I generally keep on hand customer favorites, selections may vary periodically as I like to make special edition soaps at various times of the year. If I am out of something, I will make a new batch, but it will take a few weeks to be ready to ship, but well worth the wait. Once you use a natural handmade soap, you will never want to go back to commercial soap again.

As a side note, please bear with me while I update the website with all of the items. I've been working on new packaging designs and need to take product photos. I also have some old favorites returning, so be on the watch. Thanks.

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